Fluoride plays an integral role in the prevention of cavities.  Fluoride can be applied in numerous ways directly onto the teeth.  Some examples of topical applications in the dental office would be Fluoride Varnish, Foam, or Gel-Trays.  These are at higher concentrations and can not be purchased over the counter.  Fluoridated toothpastes (I.e. Crest, Colgate) and  some mouth rinses (ACT) also give a topical benefit of fluoride to our teeth. Community water fluoridation is a common practice used to ensure all residents are getting enough fluoride to lower their risk for cavities.  Sometimes fluoride is naturally occurring or a community has to add fluoride to their drinking water to reach optimum levels.

Epworth, IA does not have community water fluoridation and has low amounts of naturally occurring fluoride.  According to the Centers for Disease Control, Epworth is deficient by 7 times compared to the recommended optimal levels.  For more informative reading on fluoride, please follow the links below:

Please also refer to the scientific statement composed by the Centers For Disease Control:


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